Friday, 3 May 2013

April to May Progress Pics

Lastest progress pics...full update later but down 3.5lbs and about 6 inches :)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dec 12 to Feb 13 Progress Pics

Hi Blogland

Well back in December I decided that I would change my progress pics to bi-monthly in the hope that I will see a bit more of a difference between the comparison pictures. I completely forgot that the first month I was to do this had Christmas and New Year whack bam in the middle. So I pretty much spent the whole of December steadily putting on weight and the exercise slipping due to the festive celebrations and then the whole of January desperately clawing my way back to where I was. I don't think I quite made it weight wise but here are my comparison pics to see if there is any difference as I've managed to keep up the weight lifting 3 times a week in January and hope that has helped. Right is from Dec and left was yesterday.  If you're viewing from the app then for some reason it puts them Feb (light on in background) first and then Dec. 

Now for the stats:
Weight 10st 1lbs (+1.4lbs), Waist (at belly button): 29" (sts), Hips: 37" (sts), Thighs: 19.5" (-0.25"), Calf: 14.25" (sts), Arms: 11" (sts), Under Bust: 30 (-0.5), Full Bust 34.5" (sts)

Now after looking at my stas I'm not overly impressed but pleased that I've not put on too much after the festive period.  But when I look at my pictures I can actually see a difference.  My stomach is flater and I've started to lose the fat above and below my belly button.  I can see my thighs are looking tighter and my butt is looking a little more lifted.  I'm very pleased that I took pictures for comparison as I would have been dishearted if I just looked at my stats. 

My hard work at the gym is finally starting to pay off.  Plan is to continue lifting heavy at the gym 3 times a week if I can and to start cleaning up my diet more. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

November to December Progress Pics

Hi Blogland,

Its that time of the month for my progress pics.  I've had an up and down month with regards to food and exercise.  I've been over my cals most weeks but I've just drawn a line under it and started again the next day.  Also I haven't made it to the gym as much as I had liked but I've still continued with the exercise bike, running and also walking as much as I can. 

Here are the pics, left is November and right is December:

Now for the stats:
Weight: 9st 13.6lbs (-4.2lbs), Waist (at belly button): 29" (-0.5), Hips: 37" (-0.25), Thighs: 19.75" (+0.2.5"), Calf: 14.2" (sts), Arms: 11" (sts), Under Bust: 30.5 (+0.5), Full Bust 34.5" (-0.5)

Great weight loss but not so great on the inch loss but pleased that my waist and hips are coming down. 

I don't think I'll be posting on a monthly basis in 2013 so to allow for more noticeable difference (I say in hope!). 

Hope every one has a great Christmas and I'll be back to do a round up post on my 2012 challenge. 

Edited to say that when looking via the app it shows Dec first and then Nov second.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The difference a year makes! And Oct to Nov Progress Pics

Hi Blogland

I was just about to post my progress pics from October to November and I noticed that its been a year since I started taking my pictures and measurements. 

First of all I'll show you this months comparison pics.  Left is October and Right is November.


Slight progress made which I can see so I'm pleased. 

Here are the stats:  Weight: 10st 3.8lbs (-1.8lbs), Waist: 29.5" (sts), Hips: 37.25 (-0.25), Thighs: 19.5" (-0.5"), Calf: 14.25 (-0.25), Arms: 11 (-0.25), Under Bust: 30 (sts), Full Bust 35 (sts). 
A total of 1.8lbs and 1.25" for the month.   Progress has slowed down but its still in the right direction.

Anyway as I mentioned before its been a year since I starting taking pictures and measurements so thought I'd do a year comparison.  Left is November 2011 and Right is November 2012

Over the course of the year I've lost 34.2lbs and 24.75 inches :) 

I'm very happy with the progess I've made over the last year.  Not sure where I'm going now but I 'm going to continue plodding along as I am for the moment.   

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

September to October Progress Pics

Hi Blogland

Well September has been a manic month for me.  I have returned from work after 14 months off on maternity leave and my son started school.  Lots of change in the Hannahbella household and we're just starting to get ourselves in a routine. 

Food hasn't been great but still within cals the majority of the time.  There has been a lot more convenience food but now things have calmed down I'll hopefully get this back on track and concentrate on my splits a bit more.  Also money has been a bit tight with having to pay out for childcare a month in advance and getting paid a month in arrears so food has been a strict budget and not really being able to have as much protein as normal.

Anyway exercise has been good, at the gym 3 times a week and running once a week.  I am also still doing the 2012 mile challenge so on my bikes most days. 

Enough waffling here are my pics.  Left September and right October:

Now for the stats: Weight: 10st 5.6lbs (-1.2lbs), Waist: 29.5" (-0.5), Hips: 37.5 (-0.5), Thighs: 20" (sts), Calf: 14.25 (-0.25), Arms: 11.25 (-0.25), Under Bust: 30 (sts), Full Bust 35 (sts).

So just a slight loss for the month in weight but I'm pleased with a loss of 1.5".  Also I can actually see a slight loss from the side view.  Happy Hannah :-) Let's hope next month sees some similar results.

Friday, 7 September 2012

August to September Progress Pics

Hi blogland its that time again! 

So after my not so positive last post, I decided just to continue plodding along with what I was doing and hopefully I could make some progress. 

Here are the pics, right is August and left is September:


So here are the stats:

Weight: 10st 6.8lbs (-5.2lbs), Waist: 30" (-0.5), Hips: 38 (sts), Thighs: 20" (-0.25), Calf: 14.5 (sts), Arms: 11.5 (-0.25), Under Bust: 30 (-0.5), Full Bust 35 (-0.5). 

A total loss of 5.2lbs and 2 inches so I'm pretty pleased with that result.  In fact I'm mega pleased as I'm now under my pre-pregnancy weight, yay!  Looking at my pics I cannot see much of a difference but I'm think I look a little smaller.  On my tummy you can definitely see where the fat is starting to break down and I'm looking a little flabier.  My boobs have definitely shrunk :-(  Also I can see that my back is starting to lean out and I'm getting the grove down the middle :-) 

Oh a massive NSV this month I managed to fit back in my wedding dress :D

Its almost been a year that I'm been calorie counting and I've managed to lose 53.6lbs.  I didn't take pics from the very begining but here is from the begining of November to today.  Massive massive difference. 

Now I'm under my pre-pregnancy weight I'm going to try and not focus so much on the scales but on trying to lose some body fat.  Hopefully my next lot of pics will reflect this. 

See you next month x

Friday, 10 August 2012

July to August (not so much) Progress Pics

Hi Blogland, sorry for the delay in posting my update but I've not been very positive over the last week and didn't want to have a complete downer of a post.  Basically over the last month I made pratically zero progress and my weight went up a massive 3.2lbs. 

So let's cut to the chase and see this month's not so much progress pics. 

Left is July and Right is August

Here are the stats:
Weight 10st 12.6lbs (+3.2lbs), Waist 30.5 (sts), Hips 38 (sts), Thighs 20.25 (sts), Arms 11.75 (sts), Calf 14.5 (sts), Under Bust 30.5 (-0.5), Full Bust 35.5 (-0.5)

So a gain of 3.2lbs but a loss of 1 inch over all.  Looking at my pics thankfully you can't really see that much of a gain even tho I can definitely see more on the lovehandles! 

I won't lie to you I was utterly gutted when I first stepped on the scales but once taking my measurements and my pics it wasn't all so bad.  I then looked back at my stats and I was the same weight as the begining of June which depressed me as I felt like I've taken a step backwards.  So I thought I'd do a comparison in photos to see if you could see a difference.

Left is June and right is August

Hubby says that he can see a difference in my pics and I look a little firmer but I can't quite see it myself.  I agree with him to a certain extent but I think he was trying to make me feel a bit better.  It just goes to show that we shouldn't always rely on the scales and use the tapemeasure and pics to get a better overall picture.  If it wasn't for doing this I would have been seriously depressed!

This week I've tweaked my diet and since my last weigh in I've lost a lovely 2.8lbs so almost my month's gain has gone in one week and I'm almost back to my lowest weight since having my daughter. 

Hopefully next month's pics will be better!